About Us


Founded in 2003, Varsun eTechnologies is a CMMI certified Maturity Level 3 company headquartered in Anaheim, CA, USA. As both a manufacturing and IT services company, we have grown to over 300 employees and continue to expand our operations and products. Through our IT Services business, we have an extensive background in multiple leading ERP applications, which is why we are able to identify and develop products missing from or not adequately addressed by the traditional ERP suite. Entrepreneurs at heart, we do more than just sell products and services. We take your success seriously and fully engage with you to help ensure you reach your goals.

Our Management

History Of Our Products

Varsun eTechnologies was established in 2003 by Rama Sayyaparaju with our main headquarters in Anaheim, CA, USA.

Successfully launched Pitchbook
Pitchbook is a mobile retail inventory and order management system designed to identify and facilitate restocking requirements. Used by one of the largest firms in the industry, Pitchbook requires minimal training and transforms what has historically been a complex process requiring numerous unique manual calculations into a highly time efficient, easy to use tool.

Successfully launched Rightcentive

Rightcentive is a broker management system for the real estate industry. Rightcentive manages all aspects of broker related revenue and expenses including commissions, off the top expenses and outside broker payments. With an intuitive and efficient design, Rightcentive is used by some of the largest real estate brokerage companies in the world.

Successfully launched Beyondtime' and ProVerp

Beyond Time is a web-based timesheet and project management system. Every company that bills for services or performs project based work can benefit from this comprehensive time management system. Beyond Time seamlessly integrates with all major ERP systems eliminating the need for expensive customizations.

Beyondtime and ProVerp moved to the cloud

Rightcentive moved to the cloud


Let us show you how ProVerp can transform your business and put real-time information in the palm of your hand!